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Tour Length: 16 Days

Leave Sat. June 09
Return Sun. June 24

Air & Land - $5,490

* may NOT be offered in 2013 *

Questions? / (808) 732-9430

The Best of Scandinavia 16 Days

Denmark - Sweden - Norway

Dates & Prices

This Tour is CLOSED. For questions, please contact or (808) 732-9430.

Dates & Prices

Leave Sat. Jun. 09 - Return Sun. Jun. 24, 2012

$5,490 - Air & Land Package
$720 - Single Room Supplement

Globus Journeys Club Discount - $140

* This tour may NOT be offered in 2013 *

Dates & Prices Details

Enjoy an EXTRA $25 off when you are one of the first 10 to sign up for any tour (reservation form and deposit received). While our Early Sign-Up Discounts can be transferred to another tour, this discount cannot. Members 11 and on always have hope. First Come, First Save!

New for 2012, guests who have traveled with the Globus Family of Brands within the last five years can sign up for their Journeys Club which offers a 5% discount off the land price of their tours. The savings on this tour is $140.


Travel Considerations


Are You Traveling as a Single Person? There is a fee for any person who wishes to travel as a Single. The term is referred to as a Single Supplement, and all tours have them. Keep in mind that tour prices are based on two people sharing a room, and if there is only one person in a room the hotel has to make up the difference. For example if a room costs $100 per night, then two people pay $50 each. A single person has to pay the $100; fortunately, most hotels do not charge a single person the full $100. This discounted price also accounts for the fact that many older designed hotels (like those found in Europe) have smaller single rooms. There is a limit on single rooms, and we have had to turn away people because our allotment ran out.

Please keep in mind that the Single Supplement does not apply to the motorcoach. Often clients traveling as a single must share a seat on the coach.

Are You Willing to Share? If you are willing to share a room, we will be happy to let other possible sharers know about you. We ask that you first make a deposit and register for the tour. We pair up group members on a first come, first served basis so signing up early gives you a better chance. Before you commit to sharing we ask you to meet with your potential roommate to see if you are compatible. Since we have never shared a room with these people, we leave the final decision to you. We can offer some suggestions on common roommate questions: Do you like the room cold when you sleep? Do you watch TV late at night? Do you shower in the morning or at night? etc.


Some tours do offer discounts for three people rooming together. Keep in mind the majority of triple rooms are tight because typically they are standard twin rooms with an added portable bed. It is a good idea to talk about bathroom time with your potential roommates. Mornings on tour are usually hectic, and three people may find it challenging to share one bathroom.


Every tour has an age limit. Most only allow children who are 8 years of age and older. There is normally a discount for travelers under 18 years old. Please call for details.


We want to Make Travel Dreams Come True, so we are offering discounts on a first come, first served rather than a deadline date. In other words, guests on any journey will be able to earn the largest discount (up to $100 per person on some programs) if they are one of the first 15 to join (signed Reservation Form required). Then the discount drops slightly for the next 15 members.

These early sign-up discounts are for full package (air + land) programs and NOT transferable to other itineraries, so Clients 31 and up may still have a chance to receive a discount if someone ahead of them pulls out.

There are also Triple Room Discounts for three or more sharing a room and Child Discounts for travelers under the age of 18 years. Please contact us for details.

We also will pass along any applicable vendor discounts, too (like the Globus Journeys Club). Please see our discount page for more information.


Each year during their trips, a number of travelers encounter unexpected difficulties that often prove quite expensive. Purchasing low-cost travel insurance before the trip could have guarded against most of these money-consuming problems. Consequently, we strongly urge all travelers to protect themselves by securing adequate Trip Cancellation and Interruption and Accident/Sickness Insurance before taking their journey.

As part of the finalized journey brochure and online will be a description of Travel Insurance and the cost. It is highly recommended (and in a few cases mandatory) that you purchase travel insurance with your deposit. The Globus Family insurance is refundable, based on the deposit's refundability deadline, on the majority of their programs. If you do not wish to purchase travel insurance with your deposit, in most cases you can still purchase insurance with the final payment but will NOT be covered for any pre-existing condition. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to answer them.