Dold Family Tradition

European World TravelFor over twenty three years I have been a part of our family's travel company, European World Travel Service, Inc. One could even say I was born and raised in this company that served the people of Hawaii for over forty three years by doing things "old school." We completely believed in our product. My father, Walter Dold, would say if you create a great package, people will come back. Our product is based on three principles: Value, Service, and Making Travel Dreams Come True.

My grandfather, Franz Dold, owned and operated the Prinz Friedrich, a little inn and restaurant in the heart of Heidelberg, Germany. It was there my father first learned how Service was a very important part of business. Growing up and helping his parents operate the inn during and after World War II, he realized all customers wanted great Value for their hard-earned money.

As with many companies, the beginning was rough, and my father spent many hard-working hours in the office. Being the owner of a small travel agency, he did everything from stuffing tour fliers in envelopes to picking up customers and taking them to get their passports, from seeing off groups at the airport to showing travel movies in potential customers' garages, and from emptying rubbish cans to washing windows.

Jutta Dold - European World TravelIn 1972, my mother, Jutta joined European World Travel as an official employee. She always helped out at the office, but it was only then that she started receiving paychecks. During the day my mother worked selling travel, and at night she did the accounting and typesetting and anything else needing to be done.

My mother knew very little about travel when she first began working, but she was great at accommodating her customers. She believed that for many people traveling is a dream, and her role as a travel agent was to "Make People's Dreams Come True." In fact, she's sent people to just about every travelable destination in the world.

While many people know Jutta as a great travel agent and the general manager of European World Travel, many more people know her as one of the best tour escorts in Hawaii. Persia, Tibet, Scandinavia, Bali, Kenya, Iceland, Faeroe Islands, Vietnam, Mount Kilimanjaro, Egypt, Xian, Ireland, Siberia, Moscow, Istanbul, Agra, and Brunei just to name a few. Her lovable personality and her German stubbornness to get things done made her the perfect group leader.

Doreen - European World TravelNear the end of 2007, my wife, Doreen, began working at the company. Helping people explore the world was new to her, she although previously spent fifteen years welcoming people to Hawaii at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki. Doreen's primary responsibility was fulfilling brochure requests and handling all the paperwork for our Hawaii Hosted Group Tours. With over 300 group members a year, this was no easy task. Her desire to assist others and friendly demeanor made her a good fit in our company.

Nicholas and Dominique - European World Travel The third generation of Dolds, Nicholas and Dominique, Walter and Jutta's grandchildren, were born into the travel industry, too. When they were in diapers they passed out bottled water to group members who were at the airport and about to depart on their journeys. You could also often find them working diligently at the office putting together tour-briefing packets. At least once a year they became hosts assistant with their father on tour.

As the son of Walter and Jutta, I started managing the company in 1997, as my father began to retire. It was my turn to create promotions, see off groups, empty rubbish cans, and wash windows. Although I've been a part of this business since birth, it was in 1990 when I officially joined the company. By 2010, when my mother left the company, the tasks that come with running a small business were handed to me. This included the tough assignment of filling my mother's shoes as a Hawaii Group Tour Escort.

Alex Dold - Dold World Journeys Over the years I have been blessed to lead groups to places like The British Isle, Spain, German, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iceland, Turkey, India, Dubai, Oman, Panama, Colombia, Japan, the US, and Morocco. Making Travel Dreams Come True has been the highlight of my career.

One of the biggest aspects of European World Travel's history was our long list of return clientele. We truly appreciated how they kept our company in business for forty three years and are honored to call them family.

When traveling with Dold World Journeys you will experience a lifelong tradition of Value, Service, and Making Travel Dreams Come True. Let me help you explore the world and provide you with an experience that will make you feel like you are part of our 'Ohana.


Alexander P. Dold
Dold World Journeys, LLC